About Us

Charles Restoration Melbourne

In Melbourne, Australia, in an old brick building in Williamstown, wonderful transformations of vintage and classic vehicles are taking place at Charles Restorations behind this door.

We strive to create a timeless masterpiece that not only looks good in the present but for many generations to come. In these pages we will show you what our small and very skilled team is capable of doing. Every vehicle has a story and we will tell you in words and pictures.

From the start of every project to the end, we have worked out a method of repair and refinish that is conscious of every step to create a lasting timepiece. Traditional and modern techniques and equipment are utilised in our unique, purpose built workshop.

Owners can be involved in as much or as little of the restoration process as they desire. Call to arrange a drop in!  Our friendly staff are always available to discuss queries or concerns owners have about their project.